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Power Toppler is a remake of popular classic called Tower Toppler (aka Nebulus). Objective of game is to reach the top door of the tower to unlock access to next one. Creatures guarding towers try to make sure your character cannot make it in time, pushing it over the edge. Some of them can be shot or frozen for a while, but most of them you simply have to avoid.


  • 16 original towers;
  • Intuitive, easy to master touch screen navigation;
  • Any unlocked tower can be played later as many times as you want;
  • Sound effects;
  • Game Help;


Power Toppler is compatible with iPod touch and iPhone. It cannot be played on your computer, nor is it compatible with other iPod models.

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"While this is a retro title, it holds up very well today and should appeal to many gamers who enjoy a simple, unique platform experience..." - touchArcade;

"This game is a real surprise and delight for the fans who had played it in the days of Amstrad and Amiga." - Application iPhone;

"...this is an addictive game with a high level of difficulty, but the great controls gives you tools to beat it." - iPhone Games Network

"Power Toppler is a great, strategy game with unique game play and controls." - App Chatter

Power Toppler Toppler game iPhone


Each level of the game is a cylindrical Tower that has doors, platforms and elevators on its sides that Toppler, main character, is using to climb to the top. Here are the game elements with brief description:

Power Toppler Toppler, main character which you control. Its goal is to climb to the top door of each tower. It can walk, jump and shoot.
Tower step Normal platform. You can stand, walk or jump on it without falling.
fragile platform Fragile platform. If you step or jump on it, it will break.
slippery platform Slippery platform. You can walk on it, but if you stop you will start sliding in one direction or another.
Tower elevator Elevator platform. You can ride tower elevator up and down while standing on it.
Tower elevator leg Vertical pillar. Can be part of elevator when it is operated. Can be a fixed pillar.
Tower door Tower Door. Use it to go "though" the tower. Enter the door and you will exit on the opposite side of tower.
Power Toppler game element Barriers. These usually stand on your way preventing from moving forward or using elevator for example. Can be removed by shooting at them.

There are various Creatures guarding the Tower.
They have different behavior but all of them will kick you over the edge if they touch you.

  • Power Toppler enemy1 This one jumps and moves left and right. Some of them wait for you to come close and only then move towards you. Simply shoot and it will disappear.
  • Power Toppler enemy2This slides left and right along the platforms. Shot it and it will freeze for a while.
  • Power Toppler enemy2 Power Toppler enemy2 Power Toppler enemy2 Power Toppler enemy2 Power Toppler enemy2 These move up and down or left and right. Can not be shot. You have to avoid them.
  • Power Toppler enemy2 The Star. This is the most powerful one. It goes across the screen once in a while. Has to be avoided.


  • Power Toppler is all about time. But even though you have to bit the clock, it is more important to pause at the right time in order to get farther.
  • Use doors to avoid star. It cannot hit you when you are inside the tower.
  • As you climb up, creatures below you will eventually disappear. Sometimes you can just ride the elevator up in order to get them out of the way.
  • Some elevators have three positions instead of two - bottom, middle and top.
  • Don't rush to shoot barriers - they might help you to get farther.
  • If you need to jump from elevator platform parked in front of the door, step to the very edge of platform, then jump.
  • Sometimes being hit by creature is actually a good thing - it might help you get farther.

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